The first things you should know when receiving the Vortecon:


What will be included in the package

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Start with the fast spin!

Vortecon is ready to use straight out the box though it may need a couple of spins to turn in the bearing and achieve the perfectly smooth rotation. We recommend to spin it clockwise and counterclockwise for a couple of times at a very fast pace.

How long should my Vortecon spin?

Our spinning record is more than 4 minutes with one spin.However, new Vortecon comes with a special protective lubricant applied to the bearing. It will not let you achieve the spin times that are much longer than one minute. To get the longest spin times you will need to clean the bearing and put it back dry. please visit the section ''How to achieve the record spinning times with Vortecon?''.


  • Please follow the video instructions carefully as wrong actions may lead to a damaged product!

  • Use the bearing oil ONLY if necessary. Please follow the instructions ''How and when to use the bearing oil?"

  • Do not use the sanding cloth for stainless steel Vortecon. It is meant only to remove the patina from brass or copper Vortecons. Please follow the instruction on how to use it properly.



Vortecon instructions


If you have any additional questions please contact us directly.